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Dry Safe Plus Underpads

This product is packaged in 10 pieces and 1 piece.

Dry Safe Magic Underpads

This product line is available in 60 x 90 cm and packaged in 10 pieces.


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Still unsure about dry safe 

Allow us to provide you with a visual representation of the materials we use in crafting our diapers, along with practical instructions on how to utilize them effectively when the need arises.

Product Features

* The different layers and features provided by Dry Safe

* Here's how you can use our adult diapers 


Anti-leakage and clean:
Thermal pressurizing with extra width and length prevents side leakage. The waterproof back film ensures cleanliness.

Dry and comfortable:
Soft breathable and non-woven top sheet with high-quality sap keeps you dry and comfortable

A fluff absorber with a reticular embossed design assures high absorbency and is permeably damp proof making it skin friendly.

More reassurance:
Strict control of the product's material and production assures your safety and health.


* Different ways to use our underpads

 Store in a cool and dry place and use before 36 months of manufacturing

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